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Fostering the connection between Mother and Child before and after birth.

Doula Outreach

The Doula Outreach Program Coordinator is an initiative developed to increase healthy birth outcomes, revitalizing the traditional doula/birth keeper role and to support local doulas/birth keepers.

The program's goal is to support doula care that is:

*Family - Centered

*Culturally safe & trauma - informed

*Coordinated and 


Program Goal: The Doula Outreach collaborates with local service providers/ health care professionals and offers perinatal support to families - as well as supports local doulas.

What the Doula Outreach does not offer/ perform medical/clinical tasks, medical advice or anything outside the doula's scope of practice (i.e. taking blood pressure, checking fetal heart tones, catching babies, diagnosis, clinical procedures or administer medications, case management, etc.).

What kind of support can this program provide families?

*Full-spectrum doula care (prenatal, labour & birth support, postpartum for families not connected to a local doula

*Helping families access the BCAAFC's Doula for Aboriginal Families Grant Program funding 

*Connecting families for meet & greets, providing families with a list of active doulas, etc.

*Promoting physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social well-being

*Advocacy, holistic support, helps in developing support systems for families, referrals to other supports,

*Support access to cultural teachings, traditional knowledge keepers and other activities that enhance connection to community and culture

*Assists families with accessing patient travel benefits (for families not connected to on-reserve patient travel support)

What kind of supports can this program provide local doulas?

*Access to training opportunities for doulas

*Provide leadership and mentorship to doulas in North Island

* Supporting collaborative partnerships with local midwives, maternity care providers and other

*Provide opportunities for meet & greet between doulas and families - making connections

*Support doulas in registering with the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres' Doula for Aboriginal Families Grant


What kind of supports can this program provide local midwives, health care professional and partners?

*Easy referral pathway of connecting families with doulas

*Maintaining and sharing a list of active doula/birth keepers who midwives/healthcare professionals can connect their families to

*Educating community health care providers and other regarding the role of a doula in community

*Collaborative/ coordinated doula care and supports

*Support access to and referrals for early prenatal care

How do families access these services?

Families can self-refer or be referred to our Doula Outreach by on-reserve services, family members, health care professionals or other agencies.

Please contact the Doula Outreach via telephone, texting or email.

Who are our partners?

The Doula Outreach collaborates with partners who support pregnant and parenting families - including our midwives, physicians, Campbell River Maternity Clinic & Family Health Program, Public Health, North Island Building Blocks, BCAAFCs, Local First Nations communities, and our local partners.


Book an Appointment

Set up a time to meet with our Doula Outreach Program Coordinator, Desiree for local doula grant opportunities and connecting families to a support.

Services Required

Thanks for booking an appointment!!

Desiree Hunt

Doula Outreach Program Coordinator

Desiree is excited to implement her diverse skills and knowledge into the Doula Outreach Program at Sacred Wolf Friendship Centre and the communities of the Mt. Waddington District, especially to the indigenous population experiencing perinatal, prenatal and postpartum parental barriers. 


Phone: 250-902-0552 ext.

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