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Namgis First Nations AIDP NVI - Satellite Office

Connection with family-centred therapy support.

North Island Early Intervention Therapy Team & Aboriginal Infant Development Program North Vancouver Island offering services to all families.

North Island Early Intervention Therapy Team

Mission: To identify and support North Vancouver Island children and youth with developmental concerns disabilities through connection with family-centred therapy support.

NIEITT Offers: Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Therapy and Physiotherapy

NVI Aboriginal Infant Development Program

Mission: Every Child is a unique gift from the Creator.

NVI-AIDP is to honor this gift by supporting the development of Aboriginal children within the context of their family, community and culture and by offering access to culturally appropriate early intervention support programs.

NVI-AIDP Supports families by offering: home visits, activity planning, developmental screening and assessment, resource information, referrals to community agencies and health services as needed. Service coordination to support children's needs. A lending library that includes books, videos and toys. AIDP are specific for each community on North Vancouver Island.


Yvonne Wilson


Yvonne brings her cultural knowledge, educational resources and diverse skills though partnership to Sacred Wolf Friendship Centre and the communities of the Mt. Waddington District, with her role as Aboriginal Infant Development, especially to the indigenous 0-6 years old population.
Cultural Playgroup
Children stages & ASQ 

Office Phone: 250-902-0552 

Work Cell: 250-974-7073

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