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Sacred Wolf Friendship Centre

Port Hardy is located at the tip of the North end of Vancouver Island.  Communities in the north end are considered rural due to their remote access within the larger structure of service delivery in comparison to the southern communities up to and including the Comox Valley.


As a result, legislative bodies have labelled our region, Mount Waddington.  Towns that we serve include urban populations in: Port Hardy, Port McNeill, Zeballos, and Woss.

The majority of our clientele live in Port Hardy and Port McNeill.  Participants mainly identify with the following tribes listed: 
Gwa’Sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw, Kwakiutl, Quatsino, Hope Town, Village Island, Kingcome Inlet, Namgis, Oweekeno, Bella Bella, and Metis.  

On average, Sacred Wolf Friendship Centre staff record up to 2400 client contacts within a three month period. 

The Family and Child Development Program coordinator develops work plans tailored to the needs of the community based on our records (ie. Stress management, mental health, child protection, healing, etc). 

20th Anniversary Logo 2021
Featuring 2 wolfs facing each inside the sun - Designed by William Wasden Jr. Hiłamas


Original Logo 2005
featuring inclusive medicine wheel -
designed by Ross Hunt Jr.

We also manage a Roots program that works with the MCFD social workers to find alternative care that maintains the child’s connection to their home community or family.  When it is not possible, the coordinator for this program works with foster parents to ensure cultural connections are maintained as much as possible.   

Recently, a Family Support Program was added that supports families involved with Ministry of Children and Family Development under the Child protection department.  This coordinator assists families in having their children returned home as soon as possible by helping the family reduce risk to a minimum followed by education in risk management.

Our Healing Through Traditions Program reaches out to all community members with the elder population as the target group.  Luncheons and community kitchens are available for participants to share a meal and meet other service providers in the community.  This is also a place where other things are offered such as access to flu shots, foot care, and other physical health care needs.


Since 2001, the Sacred Wolf Friendship Centre (SWFC) (Sacred Wolf) has been meeting the needs of Aboriginal, Indigenous, Self Identify, First Nations, Inuit, Métis, and most vulnerable peoples of the Rural Mount Waddington District communities.

Sacred Wolf Friendship Centre, a non-profit organization emphasizing the philosophies and values of varied aboriginal cultures and traditions provides programs in health, welfare, social services, human rights, culture, education, recreation and equality for all genders of aboriginal people of all age groups.

With over 20 years of providing essential services to the aboriginal communities, the SWFC has helped families, youth, adults, elders, and children connect with and maintain their aboriginal cultural ties and values. "Sacred Wolf" has also helped people access education, housing needs, food security and support for families. 

The Friendship Centre strives to provide holistic and cultural services to all of its members and communities.




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