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Gilakasla for contacting Sacred Wolf Friendship Centre!

Staff Contact

PHONE: 1-877-390-3876 (toll-free) | 1-250-902-0552 (office) | FAX: 250-949-7907

Emily Cox

Executive Director

Joshua Nelson

Administrative Assistant

Rikki Clarke

Child & Family Development Worker 

Melanie Hanuse

Community Program Support

Community Activities

Deanna Twance

Program Director 

Angie Clance

Poverty Law Advocate

Susan Brown

Family Wellness Navigator

'Wi'la'mola Collaborative Drivers Melanie Hanuse | Victor Spindler

Non-Emergency Patient Transportation  


Shirley Antonelli

Financial Administrator 


Employment Life Skills & Training Coordinator

Brenda Macqueen

Food Security Program Contractor

My Ga'yat'si Project

Sinat Collaborative

Community Organizations & Members Collaboration Initiative  - IV2A/AEPREP

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