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Employment, Life Skills & Training (ELST)

The Employment, Life Skills & Training (ELST) initiative is part of the BCAAFC’s strategy to increase employment and training among Indigenous people.

Building on the previous success of the Northern Corridor Initiative, ELST is expanding into 14 Friendship Centres which have the resources and training to help clients find meaningful employment.

ELST services include:

  • Pre-employment assistance

  • Life skills programs

  • Wrap-around programs and in-house referrals

  • Resume and cover letter building

  • Education and training certificates

  • Career planning through self-assessments

  • Interview skills

  • Computer access

  • Job boards, fairs and employer networking

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Set up a time to meet with our ELST Coordinator, Julie for employment, Life Skills and Training support and opportunities.

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 Julie Peters

 Employment Coordinator

Reconnecting to the Port Hardy area from Vancouver, Julie is excited to implement her diverse skills and knowledge into the Employment & Training Programs at Sacred Wolf Friendship Centre and the communities of the Mt. Waddington District, especially to the indigenous population experiencing professional barriers. 


Phone: 250-902-0552 ext.

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