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Maintaining the Child's Connection to their Home, Community, Family & Cultural idenity

Family Wellness Navigator

The Family and Child Development Program coordinator develops work plans tailored to the needs of the community based on our records (ie. Stress management, mental health, child protection, healing, etc). 


Serves both status and non-status Aboriginal Families, who reside off the reserve and live in the Mt. Waddington Regional District Area.

The UAR is responsible for offering guidance, case consultations with families faced with systemic barriers in relation with Child Protection, as well as, receive court notification and attend court, provide counseling support, material and human resource referrals, and other voluntary preventative social services to assist the Child/Families with developing effective, quality plan of care. The UAR will work with the Ministry of Child Family Development in the “Best Interest” of the Child.


We also manage a Roots program that works with the MCFD social workers to find alternative care that maintains the child’s connection to their home community or family.  When it is not possible, the coordinator for this program works with foster parents to ensure cultural connections are maintained as much as possible. 


Recently, a Family Support Program was added that supports families involved with Ministry of Children and Family Development under the Child protection department.  This coordinator assists families in having their children returned home as soon as possible by helping the family reduce risk to a minimum followed by education in risk management.

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Vacant Position

Family Wellness Navigator

Implementing diverse skills and knowledge into the Family Development Programs at Sacred Wolf Friendship Centre and the communities of the Mt. Waddington District, especially to the indigenous population experiencing parental barriers. 

Phone: 250-902-0552 ext.

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